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The Quick Brown Fox 

Everything up-front. Always.

Nothing hidden. Ever

No nasty surprises or secret fees. 

Finance can be FUN. For real. if only online dating could take a page

outta of our books, hey? 

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Personal Services

Individual tax return: $200

  • Salary

  • Work related deductions

  • Investment income (dividend and interest)

  • +$125 per investment property

  • +CGT Calculations by quote

Tax. It’s gotta happen.


But that doesn’t mean it has stress you out or bore your brains out. Pass the pressure over to me and I’ll strategically take care of the boring bits while you sit back, relax and catch up on your fave show.


Hell, I’ll even recommend one for you if your Netflix list is lookin’ lonely. 

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Business accounting

and tax services


Sole Trader: $400

  • Business income as a sole trader

  • May also have salary from employer

  • Includes individual tax return

  • No employees


GST Registered Sole Trader: $500

  • Own a business registered for GST

  • May also have salary from employer

  • Includes individual tax return

  • Preparation of BAS not included

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Partnership, company & trust Tax Returns by quote

You’ve got better things to do with your time than worry, wonder and waste your patience on your pesky business accounting and financial administration. 


So, how about this: You handle the genius work you’re doing on and in your business, and I’ll expertly manage the accounting and financial stuff so you can keep doing what you do best. 

self managed super fund

Tax accounting, administration and compliance for your SMSF? I’ve got you. Real time online reporting? Can do. 


Financial Statements and Tax Return from $2,000

Independent Audit $550

Start-ups, side-hustles and

small businesses oh my


Hype girl hour: $320


Dreaming of the day you can high-five destiny and create a business you’re truly passionate about?

Or wondering what it’ll take to grow your small business into a blossoming empire?

This is your official sign – and permission slip – to make it happen. 


Together, let’s spend an hour chatting about the who, what, when and how. 


If you’re just starting out, I’ll walk you through the difference between the ATO, ABN, ASIC,

GST and BS (one of those isn’t like the rest ) so you feel completely confident and prepared to take

your first steps with your start-up or side-hustle. 


And if you’re already established, I’ll identify some easy actionable steps you can take to

elevate your growth and set yourself up for success. 


Establishment Services


TFN, ABN and GST (if applicable) Registration $150

Company Establishment (including ASIC Company Registration Fee) $1,500

SMSF Establishment with individual trustees $xxx

SMSF Establishment with corporate trustee (incl ASIC corp reg fee) $xxx

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Time to chat?

Great work! You’ve officially gifted my inbox with your genius. I’m racing over to read your message, and you can expect to hear from me within 48 hours.

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